Fifteen e-learning people to follow on Twitter

These are educators I follow on my e-learning list and I found their tweets valuable and they are active twitterers. They are not in any particular order:

  • Steve Wheeler @timbuckteeth
  • Grainne Conole @gconole
  • Josie Fraser @josiefraser
  • Don Tapscott @dtapscott
  • David Wiley @opencontent
  • John Traxler @johntraxler
  • Mark Milliron @markmilliron
  • Stephen Downes @downes
  • Dave Cormier @davecormier
  • Clay Shirky @cshirky
  • Michael Hanley @michael_hanley
  • Alec Couros @courosa
  • George Semens @gsiemens
  • Harold Jarche @hjarche
  • Jay Cross @jaycross
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