About Me

Hello there, thanks for dropping by. A bit about me: I am an E-Learning Consultant and Researcher, and I run a company called Paradox Learning Inc. based iStella Leen Calgary, Canada.  I am usually involved in various learning technology projects, LMS selection and implementation, personalized and adaptive learning, and e-learning strategies and best practices. Every so often, I work on usability and interaction design based issues for other people and companies. I specialized in developing e-learning/blended learning mixed method (qualitative + quantitative) metrics and learning analytics.

I hold a PhD in Computer Science from University of Hertfordshire in the UK and conducted Post Doctoral Research at Athabasca University. I enjoy thinking, researching and writing on the following areas: evaluating and measuring both learner and  user experiences, mixed method learning metrics, designing better human-computer interaction, providing personalization and self-regulation in learning, and developing e-learning initiatives at a global scale.

In my other life, I am an artist. I observe, sketch and create mix-media artworks and illustrations while traveling around the world. I try to incorporate design and creativity in what I do every day. Occasionally, I post some of my sketches on here, especially when I am traveling.